Denise Fergusson as Bunny Bevington-Smythe (Theatre Aquarius 2007) 

“The Grass Widow” is a feature screenplay by Vince Grittani based on his award-winning stage play “Quiet! I’m Talking” and short story “The Grass Widow”. Unlike the stage play, which is a one-woman show, the screenplay presents the story of American heiress, Bunny Bevington-Smythe, almost eighteen years after her death.

Set in Canada’s famous Muskoka region, the recreational playland for the uber-wealthy, Bunny returns from the spirit world to her lakeside estate, Finnigan’s Point, when Ted, the son a lover from her early days, arrives at the boarded-up mansion to assess its value for the purpose of demolishing the building and building a resort. After she first appears, Ted reluctantly follows Bunny back in time to when she was still married to husband Gordon and having an affair with Ted’s father, Henry, a young musician about to go off and entertain the troops in war-torn Europe.

Sharon's Bunny

Sharon Sproule as Bunny Bevington-Smythe (2005 -Pullchain Theatre) 

Only years later did Henry discover Bunny secretly gave birth to their son Walter, whom her best friend Daisy and her husband adopted. Ted recalls as a child having caught Henry with Walter in an embrace that he misinterpreted as his “father’s secret”. However, Bunny is able to allow Ted the opportunity to witness the truth as life at Finnigan’s Point unfolds around them. Full of wit and charm, set in the beauty and magic of the Muskoka  Lakes, “Muskoka”,  is an emotional look at the secret life of the wealthy, usually played behind closed doors.


Quiet postcard

(Muskoka Theatre Project 2014) 

Vince Grittani is an award-winning playwright, television, and theatrical producer, published author, illustrator, and cartoonist.  He co-hosted, wrote and produced the first five seasons of “Cottage Life Television” then went on to create, host and produce his own persona “The Weekend Guy”, first for two seasons as a segment on Life Network’s “Real Life”, then as a series seen throughout Canada (CanWest), the US (on Ion Life) and as far away as South Africa.  He has also written soaps, animation, children’s IMG_1411programming, dramas and comedies for Nelvana, Paragon Pictures, CBS, Jim Henson Productions, FOX TV, Warner Bros., ABC, Cinar, HBO, Life Network, CTV and CTV Travel.

In the 80’s he created the Toronto smash hit “Yuppies! The Musical” followed by “Quiche My What”. In 2001, he was commissioned by the Town of Gravenhurst to write “Scenes From My Dock!” to commemorate the 100th anniversary of their Opera House. He founded the Muskoka Theatre Project in 2002, which over the years has produced several of his original plays and musicals including “Wake Me When It’s Over”, “Scenes From the 19th Hole”, “Cottage Cheese and Wedding Whine”, his award-winning one-woman show “Quiet! I’m Talking”  (The screenplay version, “The Grass Widow”, won at the Key West Film Festival and others ), and most recently his dark comedy “The Audit”.  He presently is developing  the series “Men On Pause” 


Diane Bickley as Bunny Bevington-Smythe (“Sexy after Sixty Conference 2017)

Vince wrote, “The Weekend Guy – A Survival Guide” (Key Porter Books) and has contributed articles to The National Post, Post Homes Magazine, The Muskokan, Muskoka Magazine and Cottage Dog to mention only a few. Since 1999 he has been writing and drawing several comic series including “The Weekend Guy”, “Simply Green” and “Chasing Iago” published in various Metroland, Sun Media and other publications.

Vince has always been a supporter of promoting Muskoka and Northern Ontario. From a camper to counsellor, a cottager to permanent resident he has grabbed any opportunity on television, radio, in his theatrical ventures or in print to promote the region and invite the world to visit. Over the years the cultural and artistic activity he has created and produced has resulted in hundreds of jobs and increased visitor spending in the local community. In the past, he has partnered with national and local corporate sponsors, municipalities plus hospitality entities, and continues to seek out any chance to cross-promote. in 2017 he wrote and produced My Muskoka, an anthem to the home he loves.